U.S. Trademark No. 6673352

U.S. Trademark No. 6673352

Something that comes up now and then for those who have been with us for a while is whatever happened to the Yonder Clothing Co? For you new folks, Yonder is the name that I previously operated under. In April of 2021 I ripped ye ole' bandaid off and became Tugboat Jack officially leaving the Yonder Clothing Co in the dust, and now as of March 15 I officially own U.S. Trademark Reg. No. 6673352. 

The short answer to the question of Yonder is that I failed to secure the trademark for that word for use on apparel and when I needed it to remain distinct among a host of copycats, it was not available. The long answer is annoying and a year of bureaucracy that is not worth rehashing.

The only way to move forward was to take a big step backwards and start over. So I went back to the beginning. I reached back to where everything started for me. That place was the Video Saloon in Bloomington, IN where a friend of mine  and I were drinking beers after a Bob Dylan concert and brainstorming names for the roots band we were in the process of starting. Hanging on the wall next to the taxidermy head of a buffalo hung a photograph of a salty old chunk of coal wearing a souvenir sweatshirt that read "I got leid in Hawaii" and sporting a hat emblazoned with the name "Tugboat Jack". 


The band parted ways sometime around 2010, but that name has been a pseudonym I went with whenever occasions arose. And since my apparel design history began with that name, it felt very appropriate to return to it. I know for some it was a jarring change and we lost a lot of people with the move, but it will be for the best. I personally have never been more excited about the brand, and I have never been more focused on what I am doing than I am now. I hope everyone likes the work we are coming out with lately. Please stay tuned for more because there will be a lot more.  

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