Ahoy there

Tugboat Jack is an Indiana-based apparel brand. We make goods for those who pay attention to the riches around us—the shade of the oak tree, the cool of the river, the scent of the sunrise. Tugboat Jack is the pet project of Indianapolis based illustrator Adam Johnson who has been designing and creating shirts as Tugboat Jack (and formerly as the Yonder Clothing Co) since 2007.


The Tale of Tugboat Jack

Growing up in the tree-speckled hills of Rural America, we all heard the stories of the Midwest legend Paul Bunyan who towered over the land and whose footprints created the Great Lakes. Or the Western hero Pecos Bill, who lassoed a cyclone to save an entire town. But our favorite was always the tale of Tugboat Jack. You see, he spends his time in the woods with his best friend—a bear who he shared a cave with one rainy summer day. You can still find them around a campfire drinking—or wrestling—most Tuesday nights. And if you run into him, ask him to point you in the direction of the lake that’s brimming with legendary beer fish. They’re always cold, and while they’ll put up a fight, the reward is worth it.

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